Footasylum x Timberland 6 Inch Premium Boots

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Happy coincidences happen, we all know this. The most recent for me was a desire to buy a pair of Timberland boots. This desire struck me about two weeks before the opportunity arose to work with Footasylum on a campaign dedicated to how to wear the 6 inch Premium Timberland boots. Luckily I had not yet funnelled my funds into a pair, all due to an idiotic oversight from someone I used to live with, leaving me with an unexpected bill of just under the price of a pair of Timberlands. This was unfortunate, yet slots in seamlessly with the overall coincidence of the situation and the boots slightly made up for the irritating situation. So, now I have them, how exactly do I wear my Timberlands? (Other than just "on my feet").

One question will always stand between me and a new item, one that I force myself into answering before I even consider investing my money or, in the case of blog posts, time: 'How versatile is this/are these?'. I spent too long asking myself what outfit I would pair new items with; a common question that is notoriously problematic for me. I can invariably create a hypothetical outfit for nearly anything I like the look of (and no, the hypothetical does not always flow into the real), however this has led to an ample selection of items that I do truly love wearing, but can only wear in a limited number of situations or outfits. Instead, I now think of new items in the context of my entire wardrobe. As a relevant example, shoes/boots must be able to work with at least two pairs of the three trousers I wear regularly. Versatility is vital.

Choosing my colour was the most difficult part of the process for that exact reason. Footasylum offer such a wide range of  colour options (10 to be exact), so many of which were tempting to the extent that I probably had more of a struggle choosing a colour than I have had with any other project. I'm not the guy to wear the traditional Wheat colour, I very rarely wear Black, the Dark Port colour is lush but not versatile enough for me, and the Grey... well they are stunning, but I was unsure about the grey/brown combination. I settled on Gopher for a while, even sending the confirmation email, quickly followed by an apologetic email to change my mind to Dark Olive. Gopher seemed safe, but Dark Olive was unquestionably the right choice. Shades of green have been filtering into my daily attire for some time now, why not in footwear?

Rains Coat | AllSaints Jumper | Edwin Jeans | Shinola Watch | Timberland Boots

Quite simply, the 6 inch Premium Timberland boots are not an uncommon sight these days and that seems to be sticking. There are many subcultural style reasons you could use to describe why they have been as successful as they clearly are, however the quickest and most accurate answer to their success is quality. Timberland is an American company and being honest, American companies don't make it to the U.K. (or even survive) unless they are either phenomenal quality or dirt cheap*... and Timberland boots have never been described as cheap.

*There are obviously exceptions to this statement.

If you do a quick Google search of "How to wear Timberland boots", you'll be bombarded with images of all black outfits with tucked in trousers, baggy jeans and open laced Timberlands (Seriously, how is that even comfortable?) or distressed light wash denim. There are outliers, of course, but that's the majority of it. There's nothing wrong with these styles at all, but that's not me, so I wanted to give a different perspective. Dark heavy denim, some earthy colours and a super functional jacket that has kept me dry throughout winter so far. 

I toyed with the idea of titling this post "How to wear Timberlands", as so many have before, but that seems patronising. I'm not going to give specific style advice or tips to how to pull them off, that's not what this blog has ever been about, that's not how I am. The aim of this post is basically to say that if I can pull these off (as subjective as that may be), there is no doubt that you can. Buy them, have complete faith in their quality, wear the hell out of them and wear them how you want to. 


 (Photos taken by Richard Nixon)

*Footasylum kindly sent me my choice of Timberland boots for the post. This, as always, hasn't changed my opinions in any way.

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