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Monday, 4 July 2016

White trainers have become my casual shoe of choice. I can't even help it any more, they simply work with everything, are incredibly comfy (if you get the right pair) and honestly, it's getting a little warm to be wearing Red Wings all the time. Furthermore, a new addition to my wardrobe is a pair of leaf green Carhartt chinos, and, as you'll see in the images, white trainers work perfectly with them. So I couldn't have been happier when Kurt Geiger sent me the Murray trainers in white.

The true test of shoes is always comfort, we all know this. The fact is that these trainers arrived on the day that I went to Brighton, I put them on new and proceeded to walk around Brighton for an entire day. I then wore them around London a few days after, including a quick trip out to Kent and back again for a photography job. This day involved even more walking at an elevated stress level, and I still haven't had a single issue. No blisters, rubbing, or pain, absolutely nothing. 

Personally, I think that they have absolutely nailed the style of them. They are so simple and clean. No massive logo or unnecessary detailing, just quality and comfort. I literally cannot fault them. Although, at their original £120 price tag, they weren't exactly at impulse purchase pricing. On the other hand, they are currently down to £69.99 in the sale and I believe that if you don't snatch a pair up, you are a fool. As sneakers go, they are damn near perfect.

(addition of a generic touristy Brighton shot for artsy effect)


*Kurt Geiger kindly sent me a pair of the Murray trainers to review. This, as always, hasn't changed my opinions in any way.

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