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Friday, 22 July 2016

If you follow me on either Instagram or SnapChat (rjhnixon - shameless plug), you'll know that I decided to go on a trip to Copenhagen. When I say that I decided, I mean that I got bored on the Saturday and so I booked flights and a hostel, to leave on Tuesday (the day after my graduation). This level on spontaneity is not something I'm used to, but it was incredibly rewarding as I met fantastic people and saw some stunning places. I also thought it would be the perfect place to get a couple of images for my collaboration with Henry London.

There is a plan for me to do a couple of posts on my trip to Copenhagen, so I'll keep this on the topic of the watch. First, however, I will mention that I did all of my photography on a 35mm camera rather than my Fuji. Don't get me wrong, the Fuji is actually easier to take around than the Minolta, but I didn't want to get back home with thousands of photos to edit, turning a holiday into work. Using only film made me take my time, get the right shots and best of all, not have to put the effort in once home (although don't get me started on the cost of developing eight films).

The watch I chose from Henry London is the 39mm Highgate, which is absolutely beautiful. If you have been following for a while, you'll know that I love my watches, and as a jeweller, I get paid for that love. Now, my preference will always lie with automatic watches and I could never deny that, however that doesn't mean that I look down on quartz watches whatsoever. At the end of the day, it's about the style, quality and whether they tell the time, and this has all aspects nailed. For £95, you are getting a vintage style that I would usually associate with a watch about seven times the price, which also happens to really suit the film photography vibes going on here.

If you are a fan of watches and like what you see, go check out the collections from Henry London, and the Highgate collection in particular. Of course you will get clearer images on their website since these were done with film.


*Henry London kindly sent me the Highgate watch to review, along with another style. This, as always, hasn't changed my opinions in any way.

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