Fry Family Food Meat-Free Challege

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Unusual challenges and brand collaborations are always welcome with me, especially if they can have some kind of positive impact on my every day life. This is why I was so keen on collaborating with Fry's Vegetarian to go a week without meat, alongside why I worked with Virgin Active for the MyWorkoutFor Single Life campaign recently.

For years I have been an avid and unrelenting eater of meat (please don't quote this out of context). I understand vegetarianism and all of the moral values behind the choice, however it is not a choice I have personally made, nor do I really think I will ever make that change full time, but that isn't what Fry's wanted me to do anyway. Instead, they just wanted me to embrace the challenge as a meat eater and simply share my experience.

That's exactly what I did in the end, I went a week without meat, including the times that I couldn't be home to cook for myself, and accomplished the goal. In fact, I even had a couple of days of being vegan as I'm not that big on dairy. What it all comes down to is two very important thoughts that I had whilst doing this, the first being that it wasn't difficult. The food was delicious, easy to cook from frozen (which meat isn't) and my meals were just as filling. 

The second I genuinely felt good during and after. Meat tends to be linked with carbohydrates and fatty things for me, especially as I work in a busy shopping centre, where I have easy access to McDonalds, Subway and other quick places for lunch. This kept me away from McDonalds and I moved toward having Subway salads (which I have sworn by for some time now in fact). So whilst enjoying this non-fatty protein, I cut down on carbs and bad habits, which is something I have tried to carry forward since going back to meat.

Overall I found myself incredibly impressed by the food and the vast choice of options presented. I only had one issue throughout and that was when I found the image on one of the boxes (the soy and flaxseed schnitzels) to be highly misrepresentative of the size of the food itself. They were still mouth-wateringly good though.

So, after the meat-free week, I'll say without a shadow of a doubt that I'd gladly do it again and I would love to stock up on Fry's food to use a couple of times a week. If that's not praise from an avid meat-eater, I don't know what is.


*Fry's Vegetarin kindly sent me a week's worth of food for this post. This, as always, hasn't changed my opinions in any way.

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