M&S x Kestin Hare*

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Honestly, I have avoided floral shirts for about four years. I had a realisation that plain clothing was the better route to take, allowing me to build a more versatile style, one that would work throughout seasons, allowing me to look into my wardrobe and always have something to wear. This is not to say that I don't love florals, and this one from the collaboration between Marks & Spencer and Kestin Hare is a new favourite.

It has also taken me a while to understand what I want from a floral/bold shirt. Colour coordination is a big thing for me (although it took me some time to understand that too), so if I am to wear a bold shirt regularly, it needs to have a dominant colour that I am comfortable with. This is why I love the collection from M&S and Kestin Hare, it's bold without being garish and everything works together.

Both the shirt (£45) and the shorts (£39.50) I am wearing are from the collection and compliment each other seamlessly. In terms of quality to price ratio, I couldn't recommend them more - especially the shorts.

M&S x Kestin Hare Shirt | M&S T-Shirt | M&S x Kestin Hare Shorts

I think what is truly rare about the entire collection is that it is the perfect spring collection. We do this odd thing in fashion where we refer to the seasons as "Spring/Summer" and "Autumn/Winter", but in reality the collections usually cater to summer and winter. This collection, however, is perfectly suited to spring without being too summery. Does that make sense?

Growing up in the countryside, spring to me is about the beginning of colour. Everything starts feeling less dreary and life perks up. My main love was the smell of the fields of cut grass just after raining, when everyone else complained of hay fever, I was soaking in the fresh air (which is exponentially fresher in spring). This is what I wanted to get across in the images. The sky isn't all that blue and it could rain at any moment, but that's a true English spring day.

This one is a bit autumnal but I liked the colour contrast, so sue me.