Southampton Student City Guide with New Look*

Saturday, 16 April 2016

New Look has tasked me with finding you some places to go in sunny ol' Southampton, so I have been wandering around to ensure you get the best of the best. Now, Southampton is by no means the easiest city to find different places to go as the independent scene is only now hitting the city. You'll know West Quay and the obvious things but with London, Winchester and Bournemouth being short journeys away, what will keep you from straying further afield?

Hopefully I will be able give you a helping hand with your daily caffeine quota, a couple of music venues and a pizza that will spoil your taste buds, all without breaking the bank. You are also able to find this post up on the New Look Student Life Hub.

1. Mettricks Tea and Coffee House

With a cappuccino good enough to go un-sugared for only £2.80, Mettricks has my blessing. Alongside being Southampton's first loose leaf tea and speciality coffee house, they have perfected the art of being more than simply a café. During the day, go there for the obvious beverages, food, milkshakes and a great atmosphere. After dark, go for wine, beer or cocktails. It's a one-stop shop. Oh, and they are dedicated to being ethical, sustainable and culturally aware... what's not to love?

2. The Notes Café

Notes is a recent addition to the Southampton caffeine scene. Their cappuccino is also delicious and priced at an incredibly reasonable £2.45 (large). This café has everything you'd expect and then some, from wall art, beanbag seating areas and even board games. Then, and most impressively, from Wednesday to Saturday, Notes is open until 10pm hosting live music. Wednesdays are open mic nights, the other days have schedules acts. Obviously grab a beer or wine instead of a coffee at this stage.

3. Rice Up Wholefoods

A wholefoods store is never going to be 100% student budget friendly, I know. Although, just because you're a student, it doesn't mean you leave your morals at home, right? Rice Up Wholefoods is a great place to get all the organic feels you need without paying too much. Prepare to pat yourself on the back every time you leave.

4. Old Town

Southampton, in all honesty, is not the most aesthetically pleasing city ever; if you really want that, head to Winchester. That is not to say that it doesn't have its moments. Southampton's Old Town and historic walls are picturesque and remind you that it can be beautiful.

5. O2 Guildhall

Definitely one of the redeeming architectural features of the city centre. If you go to Southampton Solent, this is where your graduation will be, otherwise it's used for gigs and the occasional vintage fair (worth checking out). The area features some brilliant places to eat opposite, including Tapas Barcelona, Neighbourhood, Nandos, Turtle Bay, and the aforementioned delectable pizza place, The Stable.

6. Beatnik Emporium

Beatnik Emporium is epically eclectic, including collections of vinyls, Converse, masquerade masks, denim jackets and strange fancy dress items. If you love your vintage clothes (or anything else), give it a look and you'll probably find something.


*New Look sponsored me to write this post, but trust me when I say that all of these places are awesome. Seriously.

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