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Sunday, 21 February 2016

One thing that can be difficult when it comes to clothing is the ability to try new brands or styles. It's against human nature to put hard earned money toward something that we aren't 100% sure about and it's hard to trust a brand only by seeing it in a store or online. If you really want to try something out then it needs to be somewhere comfortable, with a selection of your own clothes and with a decent amount of time to decide. This is where The Chapar personal styling service comes into strength.

Sign up online, fill out a form and have a chat with one of their stylists. Then, soon after, a large box full of clothes will be dropped off (by a very accurate DPD service) at your convenience. The clothes, from brands such as Edwin, Scotch & Soda, Sunspel, Albam Clothing and Farah, will be in your size and styled to suit the needs you told your stylist about. If you need new work shirts, you'll get them. If you want to try out some brighter colours, colour is what you'll be given. Then you choose what you want to keep and that's all you pay for.

It was easy to tell that my stylist, Laura, put a lot of thought into my box and enjoyed doing so. Somehow, The Chapar has managed to turn what is essentially an online service, into one with personalised customer service, usually only found in store. From when the box arrived to when it was sent back, Laura and I kept in contact via text so she could ensure that I was happy with what she had selected and so that the DPD pickup was convenient for me.

My box gave me a fantastic selection, half of which I would have probably walked by in a store, yet ended up being in the running for keeps. I don't feel like I am in need of a stylist, but it took a lot of effort away from the shopping experience. This isn't a service for the man who needs to be styled, it's a service for those that want to try something new without the legwork. It's for the men that enjoy the ease of online shopping but miss the personal service and ability to try items on before buying. It is perfect for anyone.

Overall, the pure attention to detail shown by The Chapar team was outstanding and I will definitely be shopping through them again. If you decide to go for it, I'd recommend you ask for Laura.


*The Chapar kindly offered me clothing up to a certain value in return for this review. This in no way affects my views on the service - it's just genuinely awesome.

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