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Saturday, 19 December 2015

Strangely enough, I have never stepped foot in Selfridges before going to this event for Penny Skateboards. I think it's due to being either skint or busy every time I go to London, and I'd rather not torture myself around such beautiful things when I either can't afford them or don't have time to buy them. Either way, Penny Skateboards gave me a brilliant excuse to finally step foot inside the doors of Selfridges when they invited me to build my own board at their pop-up customisation station.

(A rare image of me actually smiling)

Not only was this an excuse to go to Selfridges, it was also an excuse to finally get my hands on a Penny Skateboard. I have wanted one for a long time but each month I seem to have to prioritise food and bills over buying one (which sucks). Getting to have one built for me and in front of me was definitely worth the wait.

The whole idea of this is to promote to Penny Pop-Up shop in Selfridges. It was only running for two weeks but Selfridges still sell the beautiful things. You begin with a choice of deck colour from the white glow deck, to red, pink and blue. From there you add the trucks in the choice of silver, black, green or red, and then the wheels with the options of multi-coloured, purple, red or black. I went for the blue deck and decided on black trucks and black wheels, culminating in one sweet looking setup. You're also able to add on panel stickers to the underside but I decided against it, opting for a simple look.

After building our boards, the skateboarding instructor team from Skates & Ladders took us to Hyde Park to teach us how to Penny properly. This became slightly more difficult as I had decided to wear brogues to London. Although I was made to feel slightly better as Leanne was wearing boots with a heel.

If you are in London, head to Selfridges, go up to the toy department and find the Penny section and get one, or go design your own. Whether it's for you or for a loved-one, #TheGiftOfPenny is definitely a gift worth giving.

Cheers guys,

Photography by Chris Winter

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