#HPLounge - Years & Years x Star Wars™*

Friday, 4 December 2015

Something that I haven't really shown on O&U before is the fact that I am a bit of a nerd. In life, I have had a few encounters with those that you could call famous people and it has never phased me. On the other hand, meeting C-3PO, R2-D2 and BB-8 had me smiling far more than usual and acting like a 13 year old fangirl that just had Justin Bieber favourite one of their tweets. This is all thanks to the lovely team at HP Lounge* that invited me to see Years & Years play at Koko London to launch their new Star Wars™ Special Edition notebook.

Furthering my nerdy excitement, I manage to play around with the BB-8 droid toy, powered by the new app from HP, and see the Special Edition notebook in all its galactic glory before the gig began. It was a bit of a trial-and-error experience with BB-8 but it's safe to say that I know what I'm hinting to Beth to get me for Christmas.

The Star Wars™ Special Edition notebook itself is amazing. I can easily see why someone who is a massive Star Wars™ fan would want one, especially with the extra exclusive features that come with it (including access to previously unseen images, such as concept art). For me however, it was all about the little details (as it always is). An example being something as simple as the trash icon; when empty, the icon is the unfinished Death Star seen in Return of the Jedi. When an item is placed in the trash, the Death Star is the finished version as seen in A New Hope. 

Obviously there are many other features incorporated into the notebook, including the design itself which has been made to look battle-worn, and the fact that when you get an email, it sounds like R2-D2. There's even the phrase "Galactic Empire" written on the notebook in the unique Star Wars Aurebesh font. But what really matters is under the proverbial hood. The choice is yours as you can go for an Intel® Core™ i5 or i7 processor, along with choosing whether to have a Intel HD Graphics 520 or a NVIDIA® GeForce® 940M graphics processor. Like I said, I'm getting pretty damn nerdy right now but essentially that means that this can be an amazing gaming laptop. Well that gets a golden thumbs up from C-3PO.

Genuinely one of the best two moments ever.

After all of the nerdy excitement of mine, it was time for the main event. The idea behind all of this is that HP have a music service called HP Lounge* with the idea that you can get close to the artists you love, in partnership with Universal Music Group. HP Lounge is a hugely immersive platform for all us music lovers, allowing chances to gain exclusive behind-the-scenes news and making-of videos, all the way to winning concert tickets (like this one) and even VIP packages to certain events.

Do you know what the best part of all of this is? HP Lounge is completely free for 12 months with a HP laptop. HP Lounge will even come preinstalled if it's a laptop featuring Windows 10.

Years & Years has been on my daily playlist for some time now and it was fantastic to watch them live. It was incredible how they sounded even better live than they do from recordings, especially as Olly's (the lead singer's) voice was immaculate throughout. The real treat, however, was getting to see Clean Cut Kid as the supporting act. I hadn't heard of them before but they were brilliant and have been added straight to my playlist alongside Years & Years.

This was such an unforgettable event, touching on my love for music, technology, Star Wars and beautiful old buildings. I really wish I will be able to go to something similar again soon. For that I have to say a massive thank you to HP for managing to organise everything and for inviting me along.

Now I'm just waiting to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens on the 17th of December.

Cheers guys,

*Unlimited access to Universal Music’s portfolio for 12 months, free to HP customers. Internet access is required.

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