ASOS - Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide*

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Yes, it's that time of year again (allow me to introduce you to a very merry Leonardo DiCactus by the way). That time when we all celebrate, gorge ourselves with food, get more time off than we know what to really do with, and panic at the last minute when we realise we haven't bought enough presents for those we love. Luckily for the latter issue, ASOS is on hand and able to dig you out of the pit of despair that is a potentially present-less Christmas. The ASOS team asked me to do a bit of rummaging around on their site to pick out some items that would be perfect for last-minute, but still thoughtful, presents.

In order to cover all bases and to make it a little easier for me, I decided to choose the gifts based on who I actually give gifts to. This means I have picks for Beth, my brother, and each of my parents. I hope this can help inspire you to finding some brilliant little presents for your respective loved ones.

For Beth (Girlfriend): Happy Plugs Rose Gold iPhone 6 Case

Last Christmas, my parents bought Beth the Happy Plugs Rose Gold Headphones (also available on ASOS), which would have made the perfect item to feature on here. Since she already has them and still has an obsession with all items rose gold or copper, the matching phone case is a thoughtful addition to her magpie-esque metallic collection. Plus, it's like super-Instagrammable... you have to consider these things. This is a guaranteed winner for any partner with a love for shiny things (providing they own an iPhone 6).

Again, thinking about the Instagram (not to make Beth out too seem really basic or anything). These adult colouring books are all the rage at the moment, and I can see why. There is something incredibly satisfying and soothing about colouring inside the lines to gradually develop a beautiful image of buildings. This should keep Beth busy the next time we go on a long journey (don't tell her I said that).

For Richard (Brother): Timex Weekender Watch

Few things beat giving a watch as a present. There is something about how timeless they can be that is both ironic and perfect. You know that you will be thought of every time it's worn, and there is nothing easier to wear than a Timex. It's a classic watch that I know Richard, or any stylish guy, would absolutely love. The olive green strap also makes it incredibly on trend, whilst being easy to swap out to suit any outfit.

We all know that you can't go wrong when giving your mum a scented candle for Christmas. It's as much of a fact as gravity - not everyone can explain it, but everyone knows it to be true. Sadly, this candle went out of stock when I bought it (sorry), so I've linked the other candles available on ASOS because they are all awesome.

I am pretty sure that my dad wouldn't know the brand Farah but he would definitely love the style and quality of this. Anything that can stop him using the same wash bag he has had since before I was born (I think that's actually true...). Whether your dad would know Farah or not, this wash bag is so simple and stylish that it really wouldn't matter. As long as it fits your toothbrush, right?

The fantastic thing about ASOS is that there is something for everyone and you'll easily be able to get any of it in time for Christmas. I have obviously picked out these items with specific people in mind but I'm sure/I hope they will all apply to someone in your life. There is also the added bonus that none of these would break the bank, proving that ASOS is - yet again - the one-stop-shop for all your Christmas gifting needs.

Cheers guys,

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