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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Recently I started to hate my old glasses. They weren't bad glasses or anything but I needed a new prescription and I decided that they were too small for my head/face (which are both fairly large). Soon after this hatred developed, I had an email from Silhouette, a designer frames company from Austria who are renowned for their lightweight and classic styles. I'm not a huge believer in fate but it's safe to say that I was damn happy with the coincidence.

Sadly, I was off to Scotland with my family for a couple of weeks, halting my ability to go and see them straight away. Instead, they were lovely enough to kit me out with a pair of their sunglasses to take on the trip and I went on my way (it was sunny in Scotland... honest). I quickly organised a journey to London to visit the team at Silhouette and found my perfect pair of glasses: the SPX Illusion Full Rim with a black and blue frame.

Instantly I found these to be far less aggressive and chunky in style. My previous pair took over my face whereas these compliment it. Furthering this, Silhouette were amazing enough to fit me out with my new prescription and a blue tint to the lenses to help with fluorescent lighting (working in retail is a pain). I have never been able to see more clearly and they are so lightweight that I barely feel them on my face (I believe they weight around 1 gram, but please correct me if I'm wrong).

Since owning these, I haven't grown tired of wearing them. They are incredibly comfortable and I really can't fault them in any way. I have even tried contacts recently and I still prefer wearing my Silhouettes  Due to this I decided that I wouldn't take specific photos for this post (apart from the final awkward headshot) and use photos from my recent posts. This goes to show that I really haven't taken these off.

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