Blacks x Sprayway*

Sunday, 29 November 2015

It has been a long time since I made the arduous trek from Winchester to Manchester to meet up with the team from Blacks, since then, the #EverydayLifeOutdoors campaign has gone live. It was a fantastic experience and I'm incredibly happy with how the campaign turned out. Moving on from there, Blacks asked me to see what I thought of one of the latest, exclusive, items from Sprayway.

The Crag jacket has been my go-to waterproof for some time now. It's comfortable, lightweight and the colour surprisingly goes with everything (I'm a big fan of green/khaki right now). It's not one of those waterproof, practical jackets that makes you feel like a Geography teacher on a field trip to a coastal region. Instead, it's easy to wear and does everything it says on the tin (although I would recommend it to Geography teachers everywhere).

If you need a new waterproof, look no further. For £80, or cheaper if you get it with the Black Friday deal, it really is worth every penny. It's also available in grey if you're not loving green as much as I am.

Cheers guys,

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