Woodhouse Clothing 40th x Fred Perry*

Sunday, 11 October 2015

In honour of their 40th Anninversary, Woodhouse Clothing have collaborated with Fred Perry to produce a polo shirt in a limited run. What I was really happy about from this partnership is that they have stuck to the classic: A simple white polo with grey detailing on the collar, sleeves and a grey Laurel Wreath on the chest. Beautiful, versatile and true to the spirit of both Fred Perry and Woodhouse Clothing.

The quality is exactly what you'd expect from both parties; well made, great materials and the feel that you could be wearing it for years to come. In honesty, I don't usually wear polo shirts and that hasn't changed yet, but I know that when I am in the mood for one (which does happen a few times year), this will be my immediate choice.

If you're on the hunt for a while polo, simply looking for something timeless or if you have been watching a bit too much of This Is England (because let's be honest, that style was something special), look no further than this top. It's only £55 and worth every penny.

Lastly, happy 40th Anniversary to Woodhouse Clothing!

Cheers guys,

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