Saucony Grid 9000H Hallowed Pack - Infinities*

Friday, 30 October 2015

Halloween definitely brings the best colour palette of all the holidays. Black, white and orange; how can you go wrong? Saucony have embraced this combination of colours and created the Hallowed Pack, available in the Grid 9000H style, and I have got my hands on a pair thanks to Infinities. I thought it best to get in a spirit of Halloween by getting dressed in black and getting the photos at night (challenge accepted).

This is my first pair of Saucony trainers. I have wanted some for a while but never gotten around to actually owning a pair. First thing to note is that they are damn comfy and fit brilliantly. The Grid 9000 has an 'interior bootie construction' (Saucony's words, not mine) which is pretty much a revelation in terms of comfort.

Orange isn't typically my colour. I have a bright orange bag which I rarely use these days (it's too big), and that's actually it. I don't wear orange clothes, yet I love the colour of these trainers. When worn with a black or slightly plainer outfit, they stand out but without being over the top. However, if this pair isn't for you, the Saucony Hallowed pack also comes in a black and white pair which is beautiful.

Overall, I love anything that can be worn for a specific holiday but still works throughout the rest of the year. These trainers are the Halloween equivalent of the fair isle Christmas jumper - a sustainable level of festivity that isn't restricted to a few weeks. Also, everyone loves a good new 'Pack' from any trainer company; if they are done well, they can be a great addition to any trainer collection.

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