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Friday, 2 October 2015

HP gave me a challenge, and I am rarely one to back down from a challenge. The brief was to brighten up people's day with colour, using one of their colourful HP Pavilion laptops. Given the brief, I had to pitch an idea and choose a laptop from the bright selection of Sunset Red, Violet Purple, Cobalt Blue, Blizzard White or Natural Silver. Being the logical man I am, I decided to go for the Blizzard White option. Colourful, right? Well hear me out.

My pitch was to play a game of 'Spot the Laptop'. I ran off to London for the day (any excuse) and took photos of some colourful graffiti around the Shoreditch area with the idea of hiding my Pavilion laptop inside an image or two. After this, I challenged people to take a look at five photos, two of which had the photos inside - one easy to spot, one slightly more difficult. If they could spot one, they  were given a bit of white chocolate (see what I did there?). If they got both, well they were given two bits of white chocolate. It's something small, but it's the little things that can make your day (i.e. a bit of colour).

Here are the images... See if you can spot them!

Like I said, the first one was quite easy to find (I can't brighten up someone's day with colour by denying them chocolate after all).

Did you find both? If you did, sadly I don't have any chocolate left to give you, but well done anyway. If you didn't, it's in the 4th image in the bottom right corner...

In the end, everyone who took part received both bits of chocolate and were happier for it!

The novelty project aside, I have found myself to be rather impressed by this laptop. I'm used to smaller devices yet I haven't been worried about the size of the Pavilion - even though it hits in at 15.6". Something that I really love about this range is the fact that you have a choice of colours as I mentioned above, it's exactly what you want to have - Expressive colours. Impressive power.

This is not a technology blog so I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if I went into the technical jargon about this, but I will tell you the most important things to me. The B&O Audio is awesome; I usually find that laptop speakers are lacklustre at best. Add that to the 1TB storage and the Intel i3 processor and you have a laptop that is more than capable at dealing with the many photos I have. On those reasons alone I would want this laptop.

Cheers guys,

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