T.M.Lewin Wilde Skinny Fit Suit*

Friday, 18 September 2015

In an attempt to differentiate from the usual review, I decided to take a realistic approach to this post with T.M.Lewin. Instead of using a photographer and a DSLR of some sort, I handed over my Pentax PC-550 35mm camera to my mum during my cousin's wedding and let her run wild. This may have been a dangerous decision but you can see the suit being worn as it was meant to be.

As we all know well, a true test of a suit is whether you can wear it to an event and be comfortable, so I brought along a change of clothes. Knowing I had a backup, would I last the day?

This wedding began at 13:00 on one of the hottest days of the year, in one of the least ventilated churches ever designed. After the main event, we all moved to the farm for drinks, food and merriment, finally leaving the reception at approximately midnight. It was a solid day. The suit was further being challenged by a free bar, rhythm games whilst sitting on hay bales, a lot of food, and dancing.

The change of clothes was never needed.

To shed some more light on the suit itself, it is the Wilde from T.M.Lewin's skinny fit suit range. I made my way to the T.M.Lewin Oxford Street store to pick it out which may add to the realistic approach taken with this collaboration. A usual review entails picking items from a website and putting a lot of faith into their size guide, and a lot of faith in my ability to not put on weight since the last time I measured myself. In real life however, trying a suit on is not only preferable, but essential.

Originally I had an issue with the fact that the skinny fit suit range only comes in single button (a style of suit that I am not particularly fond of... I'm a two button man). This changed once I had tried it on. I find that single button suits usually curve away after the button far too quickly, but the Wilde is beautifully cut so that isn't a problem.

The jacket fit perfectly and the trousers were altered to my exact specifications. Overall, I have found myself to fall in love with this suit. I know that the navy colouring and flannel-look finish mean that I will be able to wear it to anything that comes my way (an important factor in a suit). The only thing I can't get over is the fact that it only costs £149.

Anyway, here's a massive congratulations to Will and Vicky - It was a fantastic day!

(Don't hate me for the photo).

Cheers guys,

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