Red Or Dead Mr Renton Cap Boots

Friday, 11 September 2015

To begin, I'll state that the Mr Renton cap boots were sent to me by Red Or Dead. That being said, I haven't added the asterisk to the title usually used to differentiate gifted items from others. The reason for this is that I was sent these boots, which happened to arrive on my birthday last year (almost a year ago now), as a gift to celebrate their Autumn/Winter '14 collection. There was no stipulation for a post to be written, which was a pleasant change from the usual, and the boots have ended up in countless posts since then. I have worn them more than any other shoes I own. Clever marketing if you ask me.

The reason I have now decided to post about these is because they are the best boots I have ever owned. To be honest, they are the best shoes I have ever owned, full stop. This is a massive statement from a man who has built a collection of shoes that surpasses his girlfriend's. Seriously. My love for footwear is unfathomable and these hit the nail on the head. They are a stunning burgundy, more comfortable than any other shoes (including trainers) I own, and incredibly durable. They have worn beautifully over the last year.

This is likely to be my favourite post I've written; I'm not writing anything that is going to fundamentally change your life (I think), but this is a proper, old fashioned review. These are tried and tested for far longer than two weeks. Often I get annoyed when I am asked to review items and get given a deadline or general timescale. It's the nature of this industry - everyone wants everything done immediately. Life doesn't work that way, as we all know.

Instead of the typical situation where I have to review items quickly, resulting in me jumping around and wearing them to London to test comfort, I have had a year to push these boots and they go the distance. I have recently come back from Scotland where I wore these almost daily, including on a 6 mile walk through mud and rocks at the Fairy Pools of Glen Brittle. These have taken me up mountainous paths, through London, Cornwall and everywhere else.

Burgundy is possibly the most versatile of all shoe colours and the Mr Renton boot style is timeless. Add on the fact that after a year of heavy wear, the heel and sole are still nowhere near in need of replacing, and you have one of the best investments possible. Low maintenance, high usage.

Cheers guys,

(Photos taken by Richard Nixon)

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