My Morning Grooming Routine*

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Occasionally I have been asked to share my morning routine by brands wanting me to show off their products. This is usually regardless of whether I use that product on a typical day or not. This is why grooming is rarely featured on O&U these days - I have my routine and I'm usually indifferent to brands (with the exception of one or two). Bring on Mira Showers asking me to share my morning routine for National Grooming Day, minus the branding bias, well I'm up for that.

My bathroom plays a huge part in my morning routine, which is something Mira Showers knows well. Your set up matters. I have recently moved flat with Beth and we have definitely upgraded. I won't bore you with too many details but having a light above the mirror, having a mirror at my height (being tall isn't always ideal), along with a large shelf area above the basin, all add up to a pleasurable morning. Excuse the shower curtain by the way.

First step is to shower - Clean, refresh and wake up. After that, make sure to use some form of daily facial scrub/wash and then moisturise. I tend to use a light moisturiser, anything too thick or greasy tends to make me quite uncomfortable throughout the day by clogging up my pores a bit.

Moving on from moisturising, the routine continues. I'll have a quick beard trim - which doesn't piss off Beth any more thanks to the introduction of a shaver with an in-built vacuum - add a splash of beard oil and a spray of the aftershave of choice. Finally topping all of this off with styling my hair and brushing my teeth. It's a simple and easy routine, which is exactly why I can manage to keep up with it every day.

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