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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Yes, it is summer time now and that means that it's about time you up your short game. Don't go drawer-diving to find your old and crumpled shorts from last year that probably won't fit any more. Instead, go ahead and treat yourself to a new pair; they are incredibly well priced and well made at the moment, with a style to suit every man. With this in mind, Topman has created the Short Stories campaign and sent me an outfit of  my choosing to show how I style my shorts.

Shorts are not usually my favourite item of clothing - I understand the practical element of them, of course, but I have a love for trousers and a surprising lack of hair on my legs. These two things used to get in the way of wearing shorts, yet I think I was it was more about not having the wardrobe I was happy with. I'm not one of those people who can update their wardrobe each season, meaning that my summer wardrobe is very much based on what I can pick from my winter wardrobe. I know that's not very 'fashionable' to say, but I'm not made of money.

I decided to put this outfit together to show the how the smart-casual look can be practical in summer conditions. Put an overshirt on over shorts and a t-shirt to break yourself away from the standard summer look, with the benefit of overshirts being thinner than a jacket and easy to take off if you get a bit warm. Perfect for those deceptive overcast days (i.e. perfect for the UK).

Topman Overshirt  | Topman T-shirt | Topman Shorts | Nike Trainers

I have to say that I am incredibly happy with these shorts. Considering my large thighs, I am used to finding shorts that are far too tight around that area, or finding ones that fit perfectly there but continuously fall down my waist - The fit of these is perfect. The colour is also brilliant; it stands out yet it will go with anything. There are many other types of shorts to choose from at Topman, which I am sure are equally as brilliant, but I would recommend their chino shorts without flinching.

Will someone take me back to Cornwall, please?

How do you style your shorts?

Cheers guys,

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