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Saturday, 13 June 2015

A while back, T.M. Lewin sent me one of their white oxford shirts from the casual collection; this shirt quickly became my favourite. After my post about the white oxford shirt from Gentleman Clothing, the team at T.M. Lewin got back in touch to chat shirts once more. Gentleman Clothing had beaten them to the top spot and who doesn't like a bit of healthy competition?

They asked if I wanted to take a look at their Spring/Summer 2015 collection and choose a shirt to see if they could be crowned the 'King of Shirts' once more (my words, not theirs). Challenge accepted.

I decided on a light blue, relaxed fit, checked shirt. Obviously the original challenge was based on the white Oxford, but I felt that would be slightly overdone by now. The colour is perfect, a nice small check is rarely a bad thing and, overall, I didn't want to compare a white shirt from one company to the white shirt of another, both compared to another white shirt from the first company. There is a limit to how repetitive I fancy being.

Something that will always be a winning factor in T.M. Lewin's claim to the shirting throne is the length of their shirts. Being 6ft2, I am completely fed up of shirts being so short that I feel exposed every time I tie my laces or do star jumps (stranger things have happened). The T.M. Lewin  shirts, whether casual or smart, always have enough length to be tucked in properly, or worn untucked for that nonchalant/lazy look. Furthermore, this length makes them perfect for styling with longer coats, such as this one from Burton.

Burton Coat | T.M. Lewin Shirt | Topman Trousers | Base London Shoes

 When it comes to the battle between the clothiers, I am going to have to take the side of T.M. Lewin. Although I really fell for the white Oxford from Gentleman Clothing, T.M. Lewin's shirts will always be there for me. If in doubt, buy a T.M. Lewin shirt.

Do you have a favourite place to buy shirts?

Cheers guys,

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