Eat17 Jam - Father's Day*

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

How often do you taste something that blows your mind? Unless you live a life with extra-sensitive tastebuds or a penchant for dramatics, my guess is that it's not that often. I fucking love food and will always try something new if it is offered to me (the only exception being octopus/squid... I simply cannot get my head around it), but I have had minimal experiences of flavours that have such an effect on me. 

When The Present Finder contacted me to see if I wanted anything to feature from their Father's Day section, and I saw a selection of jams from Eat 17... I felt like the planets had aligned. Nothing has more potential for a mind blowing taste sensation than the mixture of meat and jam. It is definitely one of those 'it's weird, but it works' kind of things.

"When it tastes this good, who cares?"

So far I have only tested the chorizo and the bacon jams. The Chorizo Jam is something truly special and the Bacon Jam... well this proves that bacon really is phenomenal in all forms. If there was ever a strong case for the existence of 'God', this would be it.

Whether you are looking for Father's Day gift ideas, a general (but awesome) present, or fancy trying something different, look no further. Also, the selection available from The Present Finder could keep you scrolling for hours; I would recommend taking a look at that as well.

With two jars down and two to go, I know I will be buying more. I have tried these on burgers, bagels and on cheese and there hasn't been a bad bite thus far. Next on the list is the Onion Jam and I am too excited to try the Chilli Bacon Jam after that. 

Meaty jams... Who knew?!

Cheers guys,

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