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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Finding something that genuinely changes your life in both a stylish and practical way is a rare event. I can only pick out a few things, from my first pair of decent jeans through to the comfiest pair of brogues I have ever owned. The latest addition to this wonderful list is the Bellroy Carry Out Wallet I received from - I couldn't live without it.

One thing I have made sure to do is really test this wallet out. I have no intention of telling you that something is practically amazing and will change your life, if it won't even last a few months. I have had this for a while now and it has been put through its paces; From countless trips around London, a jaunt around Cornwall and a few stints back home in Norfolk, all alongside daily use around Winchester. There hasn't been a single issue so far.

Without sounding like the Queen, I don't carry money around with me. I hate having change with surprising passion. Due to this, my wallet of choice is a card holder as I have no need for coin areas. On a daily basis I probably use a maximum of four cards, so alongside my disdain for change, why does a normal wallet insist on being bulked out with a multitude of cards that are going to be used all of twice a year? Seriously, I just don't use my Starbucks card (I'm a Costa man), but it was in my wallet nonetheless.

I don't want these random cards in my everyday wallet, true. Although I also want to know where they are; I want to know that I can grab my Odeon card when I fancy a film without ending up looking under the sofa (this has happened on countless occasions). The Bellroy Carry Out Wallet has genuinely solved every wallet problem I have ever had. Throughout the average day I take the insert out of the main wallet which, due to the magnetic attachments, folds into a card holder. This way, I have my daily cards in there, but I can keep those extra cards inside the main case for easy swapping.

The card holder follows me everywhere and the overall Carry Out Wallet stays in my bag so it's always there for the days around London and whenever needed. In summary, this wallet has genuinely changed my life and I couldn't go without it. It's stylish and incredibly practical.

Cheers guys,

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