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Friday, 19 June 2015

Considering the majority of my formative years were spent in Norfolk, I am genuinely surprised that it has taken me 22 years to own a Barbour jacket. Seriously, I feel like I have offended the web-footed Gods. With the help of Repertoire Fashion, I am back in the favour of said Gods.

When Repertoire Fashion got in touch to see if I’d be interested in featuring them in any Father’s Day Gift Guides I had coming up, I quickly responded saying no. My family is incredibly close, yet we don’t do either Mother’s or Father’s Day – This isn’t for any particular reason as far as I know, we simply don’t. Instead, I asked Repertoire if they would be interested in working together regardless. Fashion is for life, not just for Father’s Day.

Repertoire asked if I would then take a look at what they have on offer and pick something to style and talk about. I will admit that this is getting to be a well-practiced routine now; I find myself filling tabs with many pages from one retailer quite often (this is not a complaint). I usually judge a retailer on how many tabs I still have open when I make the decision and I have to admit that Repertoire Fashion came up pretty high in the rankings here.

Barbour Jacket | H&M Shirt | Levi's Jeans | Dr Martens Boots

With a selection of brands including Barbour, Grenson, Nudie Jeans, Belstaff, and Orlebar Brown, I found myself scrolling through a multitude of items I wanted to get my hands on. If you are trying to find something for Father’s Day (whether it is last minute or a gift card based plan), I would definitely recommend taking a look at Repertoire. Hell, why not go and peruse anyway?

In terms of the Barbour jacket, I couldn’t be happier. Instead of the common style, I decided on a bomber jacket. The beauty of it is the fact that it has the potential to be either incredibly casual or quite smart. It is difficult to fault an item of clothing that has such versatility.

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