ASUS Transformer Book Chi + The Eden Sessions*

Sunday, 28 June 2015

This, again, was one of those moments when an email propelled me into a slight state of disbelief. ASUS, the technology giant, emailed me and asked if I would like to join them at The Eden Project to see one of the acts performing for The Eden Sessions. Well, of course I wanted to… Who wouldn’t?

The part that really caught my attention was not getting to go off to Cornwall, but the ASUS Transformer Book Chi that I would get to put through its paces. Furthermore, I chose to go and see Elton John, largely due to the fact that Beth and I both absolutely love the legend, and because the gig happened to fall on our third anniversary. 

Wherever I go, my MacBook Pro goes. Part of the life I have chosen for myself as a blogger is to be technology bound for the majority of my day. It is something I enjoy, when my laptop is running well, though it does have an impact on the weight of my backpack - Especially when bundled in with a few cameras. 

This is what I consider to be the main benefit of my new ASUS Transformer Book Chi. It is incredibly light. This hybrid between a laptop and a tablet definitely keeps the tablet side of weight. It did scare me at first... my fear was that this is a light, small and easy to use piece of tech, so there is no chance that it will be able to everything I need it to do. I found myself pleasantly surprised. This can genuinely do absolutely everything I need it to do.

The only issue I have managed to find with the Chi is the storage space. Considering the amount of photos I was taking whilst in Cornwall (and how many I take usually), I found myself filling the available space quite quickly. There is a solution though as the Transformer Book Chi takes MicroSD cards. Not only does this mean I can store as much as I like on it, it also makes the transfer of photos from my camera to it incredibly easy with the addition of an adaptor. Happy days.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the ASUS Transformer Book Chi as it has made my life considerably easier. Also, not forgetting that O&U has it's roots in style, the Chi looks pretty damn awesome if you ask me. Mine is in navy and I love it (it comes with a matching stylus as well). Obviously not as stylish as Elton John, but getting there.

This entire experience was one of the best of my life thus far. The Eden Project was stunning, the Elton John performance at The Eden Sessions was one of his best, and the ease of working on the ASUS Transformer Book Chi made everything a breeze. I even chilled out on the beach with a beer to sort out some photos.

What do you think about laptop/tablet hybrids?

Check out the video of the day over on the ASUS YouTube channel

Cheers guys,

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