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Friday, 5 June 2015

Short sleeve shirts and t-shirts simply aren't my cup of tea. It could be the lack of confidence I have with my upper-arms or the fact that I am a lover of the rolled long-sleeve look, but for whatever reason it is truly rare for me to find any that I love. Congratulations goes to A.M. London menswear for being one of the rare finds on both counts.

The detail of the shirt is a highlight. The buttons aren't shit (that makes a serious difference), the print is classic, subtle, yet noticeable, and the colour is perfect for summer. It's a regular fit but I found it to be well-fitted, not baggy like the typical regular fit, and this is a well made shirt overall.

I will also admit to enjoying the fact that the shirt is named the 'Hampshire Shirt' when I live in Hampshire... it's the small things.

I hate one thing about this t-shirt: This is a roll-sleeve t-shirt and the roll is held in place by a epaulet-esque strap and button. I genuinely cannot deal with anything over the standard button amount on anything (button-down collars and pockets are the exception). However, I will be wearing this t-shirt again. I usually hate a minimum of five things with every t-shirt so I am extremely impressed by this.

Other than that, the fit is perfect, the length is perfect, the material feels great and is 100% cotton, and it's genuinely a pleasure to wear. You know me, if I recommend a t-shirt then that's a damn good t-shirt.

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