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Saturday, 9 May 2015

The London-based electronic music scene is not something I am involved in at all. It simply isn't my cup of tea. However this does not stop me being proud of the strength and diversity of the artistry in the London area. The UK itself is phenomenal for music and Goodmans explores this through the short film, 'Only One Choice in the City'.

In collaboration with The Rig Out (a creative collective of some sort), Goodmans attempts to document what the London electronic sub-culture is all about. This is the first in the 'Goodmans Series' which will become a series examining the creatives that "make up the DNA of modern British culture".

Like I said, the music scene explored in the film is not something I am heavily invested in, but I found it intriguing to see from the perspective two guys who are making their way into the scene as 'bedroom producers'. Most of all, it is refreshing to hear from producers in general when we have become so used to continuously hearing about the artists. Producers are a vital cog in the music-machine, yet often overlooked when it comes to who you credit for what you listen to.

I feel as if this film gives an authentic representation of what this industry is truly like. It's less about what we see on TV and more about spending hours, days and weeks attempting to make an idea real. Considering that the music industry is one that we have glamourised, it is a welcome break to see a slightly raw version of it.

Furthering that, I also found myself loving the way that the short film has been shot. It uses a multitude of styles and aspect ratios which, combined, create a visually appealing (and mildly random) experience.

But that's all I will tell you about it. Find the rest out and make up your own opinion by checking out the film.

I look forward to the next instalment of the 'Goodmans Series' and will let you know when it's out. Until then, let me know what you thought of the film - content, direction, or anything - below!

Cheers guys,

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