Lacoste Spring/Summer '15 | L.ansailing SPM*

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

After attempting to sail on a few occasions, it is safe to say that my feet beyond firmly on solid ground. Don't get me wrong, the experience was fantastic and I would do it again without doubt. Only I didn't exactly take to it like a duck to water. Contrary to this, the nautical style is something I can easily get my head around - So long as I can stay on land. 

Meet the Lacoste L.andsailing SPM in black and white - the perfect mix of land and sea.

These are basically a boat shoe replica of the Lacoste L.ight LT12 that I love so dearly (maybe not so remarkable considering they are from the same brand), and that's why I have fallen for these as much as I fell for the trainers. I love boat shoes, but typically I struggle with them as I always end up looking like I'm on the wrong side of preppy. These are a breath of fresh, modern air.

As mentioned within my first post with Lacoste, I love the quality and history behind the brand. This has not changed one bit with this pair. What has changed however, is how I styled them.

Last time I opted for a dark and smart look, playing with the fact that the L.ight LT12 are trainers, yet have an air of sophistication to them. This time I decided to dive straight in - excuse the pun - to the nautical side in a summery outfit that would be fit for the poop deck. Not to subtly throwing a bit of sea-worthy colour into the mix and dropping in the anchor for good measure.

Penfield Jacket | Topman Shirt | Boohoo Man Chinos | Lacoste Shoes | Anchor & Crew Bracelet

Lacoste have somehow created the perfect modern boat shoe that can be worn from the city to the sea with both ease and extreme comfort. In fact, the entire Urban Sail & Sea collection combines this brilliant nautical style with function. Overall, I can't imagine a shoe better suited to summer. I look forward to wearing them around London and at the beach, which is a completely unheard of combination.

The shoe even features authentic deck shoe water channels, alongside the lacing running around the collar. All whilst being reinvented in a contemporary mesh and piqué-embossed moulded rubber. This is a classic Lacoste amalgamation of sport and style; a beautiful extension of the continuing sports-luxe trend and the best footwear addition to any menswear spring/summer wardrobe.

Contrary to my grumpy look, I love this outfit.

The Lacoste L.andsailing SPM retail at £69.99 - Available from Foot Asylum

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