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Saturday, 16 May 2015

When I think of weapons, a disheartening cloud floats over my sense of morality. When I think of knitting, that disheartening cloud transforms into a knitted... thing... that I want to fall asleep on. It's the juxtaposition that makes this set of work from Additive Studios, aptly named 'Knitted Weapons', truly powerful and strangely enrapturing.

This pleases me for a number of reasons. I have grown up with both a love and a fear of weaponry, as most people have. It's the worrying oxymoronic nature of our society - one where we are (especially as men) conditioned towards playing with army figures and toy guns when younger, then told that these things are all hurtful and dangerous when older. It is confusing that I can admire the aesthetic of a well-crafted hand-cannon, yet I am disgusted by the idea of using one for its true purpose.

I can have my cake and eat it... all the destructive beauty of weapons, without the stigma or the threat. 

If only these were real, not CGI...

Feel free to take time to appreciate the fact that this has all been created and rendered on a computer.

How damn real does that look?!

Do you love Knitted Weapons as much as I do?

Cheers guys,

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