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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Whiskey has never been my go-to drink. I enjoy it from time to time but I feel as if I haven't fully acquired the taste. Yet when Flaviar (the company that really is the new way to test premium spirits) got it touch to see if I wanted to test their service out, I dived at the chance to put my tastebuds on trial once more and opted to try the Whiskeys of the World pack.

Opportunities like these are ones that I take very seriously (although gradually less seriously the more I have to drink). After reading the leaflet that comes within the incredibly well branded box and glasses of expensive liquor, stating that the alcohol is best tested in groups, I decided that I couldn't do this alone. Drinking is a team sport now. There were five vials of whiskey and although Scottish blood runs through my veins, I deemed it irresponsible to go it alone, proceeding to crack out two glasses.

Cue the man with the hairy forearms (above): my brother's best friend, Oscar, who is slightly more inclined toward whiskey than I and who seemingly proves that whiskey puts hair on your chest/arms. My dad and brother also joined in, generally opting to pull disgusted faces and making strange sounds after each wary sip.

To sum up Flaviar: It is a club of spirit lovers who want to be able to try new drinks without having to fork out extortionate amounts at the pub or for a bottle, only to find that they don't like it. Liquor is an expensive tipple and these packs (averaging around £26) all feature five different drinks and allow you to taste some quality stuff, without the triple-figure price tag. 

For example, the pack I received was made up of five whiskeys from Ireland, India, Japan, Scotland and Switzerland. To buy the bottles individually would cost £231 (see below). But it's not all about whiskey as they have plenty of choice available, including tequila, rum, gin and bourbon.

Furthering this brilliant offering, you can sign up to their subscription based service for £14.99 a month (trial offer, it then goes up to £24.99). From this you get a taster pack each month that is curated by the ingenious imbibers at Flaviar. Feel free to think of it like a Graze box for alcohol. Best not have it as a snack at lunch time though.

This really is a sublime idea and I am incredibly tempted to test out the tester pack for rum, a.k.a. HERE BE PIRATES, YO-HO!. There are many rums that I would absolutely love to test out but all pubs seem to stock the same stuff and it is far too expensive to buy them straight up.

It truly is fantastic to test out the drinks with friends. Flaviar say that one pack is good for three people, and it genuinely sparks some unique conversation, alongside some hilarious face-pulling.

"It's like caramel and bananas on fire" - Oscar after tasting Santis (Switzerland)

Cheers guys,

(Photography by Richard Nixon)

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