Fjallraven Skogso G-1000 + Blacks #EveryDayLifeOutdoors

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

If you follow any of my social media stuff, YouTube or emails (I keep myself busy), you may know of my trip up to Manchester with the outdoor retailer, Blacks. This was to be interviewed for their upcoming campaign, #EveryDayLifeOutdoors. Sadly I can't reveal much from the campaign yet but  I can reveal that I get to wear this Fjallraven Skogso G-1000 jacket in it from the Spring/Summer 2015 collection and I love it.

Last year I wrote a post about Fjallraven, including the history of the brand and their impressive rise in Shoreditch. The rise is not just in Shoreditch, of course, and is not restricted to their backpacks alone. I am seeing Fjallraven more and more around some of the best stores, from The Brokedown Palace to Oi Polloi. What it comes down to is that outdoor clothing is on the rise; imagine it as the illegitimate love child of the heritage workwear and sports-luxe trends.

I'm currently a fan of anything that is function over fashion. I know that's a truly unfashionable thing to say but I have never claimed to be that fashionable. Furthering that, with the revival of both 70s and 90s trends (God help us), I find myself moving further and further away from what is considered fashionable. On the other hand, this Fjallraven jacket manages to be both fashion and function.

This jacket isn't waterproof and I found that out the hard way (I managed to get absolutely soaked in the rain whilst running around Manchester with Blacks). This may sound like a bad thing but it is actually a brilliant feature of the G-1000 fabric. If you buy a G-1000 garment along with some Greenland Wax, you can adapt it to your needs: add more to make it more water-resistant or not add much to keep it breathable and lightweight.

One jacket can become a staple for every season. Layer up the Greenland Wax for winter; wash it off for summer (maybe with a light coating all over/on the shoulders and hood).

Fjallraven Jacket | Selected Homme Shirt | Boohoo Man Chinos | Dr Martens Boots

I'm really excited to see the outcome of the #EveryDayLifeOutdoors campaign. I'm not sure when it will be up but I will let you guys know the moment it is. Until then, you can take a look at the video up on YouTube about my day in Manchester.

Is the outdoors trend for you or are you all for the 70s/90s revival?

Cheers guys,

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