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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Disclaimer: 'How To Dress Like A Gentleman' is the name of this part of the campaign, not me trying to say that I am a gentleman.

To sum up the campaign, Burton asked me a few questions about what it means to be a gentleman, under the title of 'How To Be A Gentleman'. This featured topics ranging from dating, etiquette and style (of course). To compliment the campaign, which will be live on the Burton website soon, they kindly gave me a suit to style and challenged me to put together a few looks for you to try and show 'How To Dress Like A Gentleman'.

First of all, there is the suit. If you want to look like a gentleman, a suit is the safe and obvious bet and we all know this. The key to this is to not only get one that suits you (no pun intended), but one that fits properly.

The shoulders are vital as they are the only part of the suit that cannot be altered (they can, but you may as well buy a new suit due to the cost). But if you want to see more on fit, take a look at my previous post: The O&U Guide To Suits... It's an old one but it still applies.

There has always been a soft spot in my style for Burton. It's not as street led as Topman is, which can be a welcome sight on the high street these days. Their backstory is based in tailoring and this continues to present itself throughout their collections (Take a look at what I saw at the Burton AW15 press day), which makes them the perfect retailer for anyone looking for smart-casual, gentlemanly style, without a large price tag.

Suits are not the only thing for a gentleman to wear though. It simply isn't practical to wear one every day, unless you are Barney Stinson that is (who isn't exactly the best role model for a gent anyway). So I have put together a couple of styles - using what's available on the Burton website - for the more casual of days, especially considering the recent weather improvement.

Look #1 - Smart Casual

My first look shows a great deal about my thoughts on being a gentleman. Look sharp without taking yourself too seriously. A sense of humour is far more important than holding a door open, although I would recommend both.

Chinos - Black Slim Chinos

This is the perfect transitional menswear style. You could wear it to work, down the pub, around the city for a day, or even on a date. Meanwhile, the socks keep it playful and add a splash of summery colour (consider the bright socks optional for a date). It's stylish, on trend, and gentlemanly.

Look #2 - Beach Ready

Gentlemen like the beach too, right? Okay, so when you're not in a suit for work or your smart casual gear on a date or at the pub, you're probably either going to the beach or to the gym. Yes, that is the extent of life for this example: work, date, pub, gym, beach (not necessarily in that order).

This outfit is suited to anything as long as the sun is out. The clean blue lines of the shirt compliment the oxford shorts brilliantly, and the white plimsolls are a menswear summer staple fit for the beach or the walk/drive to the gym. Feel free to swap out the plimsolls for a pair of Navy Suede Loafers to veer back toward the sartorial side. 

The pack away bag is a great way to add colour whilst being incredibly practical; it will carry your gym kit or your towel and sun cream in style - real gentlemen are always prepared. Plus, it folds down into that neat little package shown in the bottom right. That's not really important but I thought it was cool for only £10.

My idea of how to dress like a gentleman is basically to stay on the smart side of style. This doesn't have to be all the time, but as much as possible. If you want to see what I think on how to act like a gentleman, you'll have to take a look at the full feature on the Burton website.

Overall and as I said before, don't take yourself too seriously...

What do you think of these looks?

Cheers guys,

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