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Monday, 18 May 2015

This is not my usual style I guess, but I wanted to challenge myself when I was offered free reign of the 'New In' section of Boohoo Man. I decided on a pair of black skinny chinos and a fishtail longline hooded jacket, costing £20 and £28 respectively. Considering my current love for quality over quantity, it was interesting to go back to a retailer that is at the low-cost end of the market.

Spoiler: I was pleasantly surprised.

Layering is possibly my favourite thing about fashion, yet the impending heat of spring/summer makes the majority of my outwear wardrobe obsolete. Seriously, I have this strange attraction to thicker jackets and coats. Due to this, the fishtail longline hooded jacket is a breath of fresh air considering it is make of 100% cotton. 

Honestly, I didn't expect a huge amount in terms of quality and fit. This is a comment on the price point, not Boohoo Man. I have found myself pleasantly surprised (as mentioned above) by both items, but especially the chinos. I've been searching for a good pair of black chinos for a while and these tick every box. The stretch makes them comfy, they fit exactly as I want them to (I sized up so they are slim instead of skinny), and they haven't lost their shape even after wearing them most days since getting them.

I'll definitely go back to them for another pair.

Have you bought anything from Boohoo Man? What did you think?

Cheers guys,

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