M&S Performance Suit Test*

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

There are few things that are more unlikely than being given a suit by Marks & Spencer. Having Marks & Spencer give you a suit as ask for you to test it out by having water thrown on you is one of those things...

To sum things up a little more, amongst Marks & Spencer's brilliant range of suits, they have the Performance range of suits. This selection is made up of tailoring that boast: "water-repellent finishes, comfortable active waistbands and technology that keeps buttons, hems and creases all safely in place".

The suit I chose, Navy Slim Fit Suit, features all of these traits. Of these, I had to choose one to put through its paces and see if it really stands up to scrutiny. Obviously I chose the water-repellent finish. Who wouldn't?! I then proceeded to get the O&U crew together (a.k.a. friends who were willing to help) to capture this test for YouTube.

As you can tell, I took this test pretty seriously...

... but you can see how the test went in the video below.

The fact that it's water-repellent is a brilliant feature and I can imagine it to be incredibly handy when rain comes, however it is not the best part of this suit. The best part of this suit is that it fits like a dream. By that I don't mean that it fits well when you're standing in that prime stance, I mean that you can genuinely move in it and continue to be comfortable.

This is a rare feat for a high street suit and it's all due to the active waistband. I know it sounds like the kind of clothing characteristic that you invest in around the same time that the council gives you a bus pass, but this is a beautiful, revolutionary thing. Seriously, I'm going to be wearing this suit to every formal dinner I go to from now until the end of time. 

As far as the technology that ensures buttons, hems and creases will all stay in one place... I have no idea how to test that and only time will tell. 

Entire outfit from M&S

I'd also like to mention the shoes. Oh the beautiful shoes. For this post, Marks & Spencer provided me with a suit, shirt, tie and shoes of my choice, and I decided on a pair of black leather brogues. These are the best smart shoes I have ever had, without a shadow of a doubt. The fit is absolutely phenomenal and they were comfy as soon as I put them on (and even better after a bit of wearing).

What it comes down to is that I would recommend everything that I was wearing... so here's a list:

And now you can see what happened...

Cheers guys,

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