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Friday, 17 April 2015

Harrods is a name that you will know. Of course you will... it's Harrods  However, you might not know that Harrods has their own line of menswear. I didn't know this until a couple of weeks ago - shopping in Harrods is not a common occurrence for me. So to give me a taste of what their menswear collection is all about, they sent over a couple of items to me to test out and style up.

Firstly, I'd like to thank all of you wonderful people that read this slice of the internet that I call my own. O&U is coming up to it's second birthday and some seriously unbelievable stuff has happened. Everything has come significantly further than I could have fathomed back when I first embarked upon this perplexing journey, but getting to work with Harrods takes the metaphorical biscuit. Thank you all and I apologise for going soft on you - it happens every now and then. Now, back to pretending like this is normal...

Harrods sent over a cobalt cable knit cashmere crew neck jumper - say that after a few - and a blue striped linen scarf. As you can imagine, neither of these are cheap: the jumper comes in at £340 and the scarf at £120. In the spirit of honesty (as always): I would consider paying this kind of money for a jumper if I love it enough, but I have no intention of ever paying that much for a scarf. It turns out that I am simply not a scarf person these days. Sorry.

I can't think of a time where I have encountered better quality. If anything it was unfair to focus on the price before mentioning the quality. In context of the scarf, contrary to the fact that I am not a scarf person, I absolutely love this linen wonder. I have never known linen like it and could see why someone would pay such an amount for it. Most linen I have experienced is light and soft; this is like stroking a weightless puppy.

I am jumper person though and this cobalt number has rocketed straight into my top five jumpers I have ever owned (an incredibly tough list to even be considered for). There is something about the cable knit that captures my attention. I look back to a few years ago when I was obsessed with cable knit and think about how garish some of it was. So thick, chunky and painfully cricket-like. It's pleasing to have a light, subtle cable knit, yet still maintaining the nod to my previous style. Again, the quality is absolutely undeniable. Seriously I am tempted to put this under a microscope to see if I can find any flaw whatsoever in the stitching.

Harrods of London Jumper | Farah Shirt | Next Jacket | Next Jeans | Red or Dead Boots | Triwa Watch | Anchor & Crew Bracelet | Harrods of London Scarf 

Unfortunately I am unable to show you any images of me actually wearing the scarf (what you can see above is as close as it gets). This is not due to a lack of scarf-appreciation on my part, but because I was wearing a jumper and shirt combination on a dog walk around my home village on an incredibly sunny day. The scarf did not last long around my neck. Even if it is as light and soft as a weightless puppy, it was the icing on an incredibly hot cake.

In summary, the price is steep in comparison to what I usually mention, but you really do get what you pay for. It's Harrods after all, they are world renowned for quality and for sparing no expense, this really shows in their own clothing. I would definitely recommend taking a look at what they have on offer. The collection is essentially the menswear essentials, but at extremely high quality which is fantastic. Your essentials should be the best quality of everything you own - You need them the most after all!

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