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Thursday, 23 April 2015

A while back I posted about the wonder that was a shirt from T.M.Lewin. As oxford shirts go, it is a pretty special one - that perfect mix between smart and casual, and all the quality you need. Well my oxford shirt game has strengthened further with the introduction of this white wonder from the new menswear brand, Gentlemen Clothing, somehow surpassing what I almost thought to be the perfect oxford.

As you can imagine - especially considering my fondness for bowler hats and all things sartorial and classic - I adore the logo of Gentlemen Clothing. Not only is the Penny-farthing simple and elegant, but it is also a subtle nod to the time we all heavily associate with the term 'Gentlemen'. It adds a recognisable element to the shirt without a garish logo overruling any potential smartness or style (which is possibly the greatest feat in the world of branding).

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It is with copious consideration that I disclose my preference for this shirt over its T.M.Lewin counterpart. Many factors have been analysed here (and I realise how pitiable that may be), including fit, material, length and above all, collar size. Seriously, collar size matters. This shirt has a decent size collar that is reminiscent of vintage shirts, adding to the overall feeling of the 'Gentlemen' aesthetic, but without having the poor fit and baggy sleeves of a classic men's vintage shirt. There is actually only one thing that I don't like about this shirt and that is the odd coloured button-hole, however I am willing to overlook that due to all other awesome aspects.

There is potential that I am over analysing this.

This shirt was actually given to me through the new social shopping website, Shopa, where you can create collections of what you love and share them with like-minded followers. Furthermore, if anyone goes on to buy what you have shared, you will make a little from it yourself. This is a win-win situation! Usually I am weary of social shopping sites due to their perpetual inability to efficiently segregate menswear from womenswear, yet it is the most simple thing to do on Shopa

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