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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

My fashion beliefs are being tested at the moment. With quality playing a larger role in my decisions, why am I still uncomfortable with the idea of paying any more than £10 for a t-shirt? Granted, for £10 you can get a decent t-shirt made of good quality material and made well, but surely there is more out there? The perfect t-shirt is unlikely to cost a mere £10. Further considering the fact that, as mentioned in my post with Harrods, your essentials should be the best quality of everything you own. With that in mind, I would like to introduce ATM by Anthony Thomas Melillo.

Originally launched to be the perfect t-shirt brand, which is a big statement, and has developed into being a line of incredibly high quality essentials. Anthony Thomas Melillo wanted to create something to reflect his attention for detail and personality. Each top even has the ATM initials on one sleeve to replicate the placement of the creator's tattoo of his initials. This could be said to be mildly egotistic, yes... but it is a nice touch. Every garment is manufactured in Peru and only made from the best materials.

Take a look at the collection...

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