Tuesday, 10 March 2015

There are a few things in this world that blur the line between cute and creepy. Receiving a brown paper wrapped parcel in the post that you weren't expecting with a gift in it is cute. Opening the brown paper to find that it is further wrapped in images of you... creepy. Continuing to find that it's a journal sent to you from a company (Wrap.Me) that specialises in wrapping paper printed with images taken from Instagram or Facebook - Suddenly back to cute.

Basically, this post is a massive thank you to Wrap.Me  I love it when people put thought into gifts, it shows that they have taken notice of what you do and what you love (That's probably the main point of the entire company). Wrapping paper is usually a side thought or a minor addition to what is inside, but if you go for Wrap.Me, the paper becomes a present in itself - or a talking point at the very least. Definitely something to remember for birthdays and occasions, especially for those with children (Mother's Day?) and/or animals. I hear people go nutty over that stuff.

Cheers guys (& the Wrap.Me team),

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