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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Words have always been my strong suit; not necessarily to the extent of being able to write a novel, nor am I an owner of a Countdown Teapot. Instead, I have always been able to find words to describe how I feel about the vast majority of situations or topics, especially if I am passionate about something. Contrary to this, visiting Liquor Store in Birmingham left me relatively speechless... but for no bad reason.

It would be a struggle to think of any other retailer, or even brand, who has a better grasp on exactly what they want to be, and I believe this is the issue I have. Usually I find that I can talk about a brand or retailer easily by comparing and contrasting how I know they want to be seen, with how I see them. In the case of Liquor Store  however, I find myself seeing this store in the exact same way as Phil, the owner, intends it to be seen.

This is a safe haven for those that appreciate quality and heritage, with a love for current trends and street style alongside. The current campaign that Liquor Store has going is called Street Heritage, which is the perfect accompaniment to the aesthetic and overall theme of the store and the merchandise available (see a selection of brands on the window below).

Liquor Store has roots within the denim industry, with Phil having worked for Lee Jeans as a Business Development Manager for a few year before starting his own venture. Looking at the vast selection of denim available, laid across stunning wooden shelving (see below), I wouldn't be surprised if you opened a vein on the main man and found that his blood was the colour of indigo dye - not that I can condone such behaviour. They are seriously proud of their collection and I don't blame them.

Check out the next few images to get a feel for the store...

In order to get in on the action and get a feel for the place, without realising that I'd end up having a perfectly timed trip to Birmingham anyway, Liquor Store were lovely enough to send me out some jeans to style up in a 'Street Heritage' inspired outfit. The jeans are a pair of Levi's 522, a slim taper fit that I didn't even realise that Levi's did, and here's how I styled them up.

Vintage Coat | RVCA Sweater | Vintage Shirt | Levi's Jeans | Red or Dead Boots 

So what are your thoughts on Liquor Store and Street Heritage? Let me know below!

Cheers guys,

(Photos of me were taken by Richard Nixon)

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