Sunday, 15 March 2015

This is another fantastic brand find, so much so that I am actually going to purchase something from them. Recently, I have been on the hunt for more colour. Every year around Spring/Summer, colour starts filtering into everyone's wardrobes. Suddenly the dark hues such as burgundy and navy take a step back and allow the brights, neons and pastels to have the proverbial limelight. Well I felt like getting ahead of the curve this year by bringing the colour in quickly. This is how I found RVCA.

RVCA is more than a brand - it promotes the creatives, the extreme and pretty much anything that is interesting. Advocates range from photographers to skateboards, through to musicians and surfers. Each person linked to them is doing something amazing and they are looking damn good whilst doing it. You'd normally relate the skate/surf scene with logo-branded t-shirts, hoodies and sweaters... which are present amongst the collection, I admit. However they also have just about anything you could want. It's well thought through, designed and presented.

Personally, I found myself immediately drawn to the use of muted, yet eye-catching colours. This is why I'm going to be grabbing one of the sweaters straight after posting this.

Cheers guys,

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