LA Panoplie

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

French brands will always have a place in my heart. When thinking of classic style, the French will forever be in the top area and that's for good reason. The English have tea (and style), the Scottish have kilts, the Italians have vintage scooters and the French have style (and food). It's their thing. Due to this, I am always excited by finding a new French brand and LA Panoplie is no exception to said rule.

With the Made in England/UK movement going strong, it becomes easy to forget about what else is out there. I understand that it's an economy and pride boosting thing also, but do try and remember that we are still - or at least, for now - a part of Europe. The French have an equal (if not greater) appreciation of quality and style, all exuding from the brands that originate there. LA Panoplie is a prime example - a Parisian brand with clean lines, colours and class. Nothing overdone or overbearing, everything is just right. It's the French Goldilocks of brands.

Take a look at some of their stuff below and more on their website.

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