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Thursday, 12 March 2015

My watch collection is growing strong these days and the latest addition is courtesy of Joshua James Jewellery. In complete and utter honesty, I have been struggling on how to word this post: Through habit, I want to review the watch (which is lush by the way). In actuality, I should be talking about the Joshua James website... What to do?

To divide and conquer is the plan...

The Watch: First of all - it works. The hands move, the dials turn and of course, it tells the time. Secondly, it looks damn good whilst doing it. I have been looking for a black watch for quite some time now and this fits the bill perfectly. It's casual (especially considering the rubber strap), but it's versatile to be worn with smarter outfits. The silver and blue accents make it easy to read (usually an issue for black watches), and overall - I like it. Take a look below.

Joshua James Jewellery: Simply put, I love this jeweller! I won't try and say that there is a massive amount of choice available for men, because there isn't and that's the best thing about it (Bear with me here). This is a real, local store; A proper specialist, unique jewellers that has been open in East Yorkshire since 2009, not a massive impersonal chain. People have been saying that chains and the internet will be the end of small business for a long time. Meanwhile Joshua James proves that local and personal will always have a fighting chance and in some cases, prevail. 

The online stock is representative of in store sales and real people - not how many items there are boxed up in a warehouse somewhere. What they have available is based on what they know will sell - not anything that can be sold eventually. All of this adds up to there being a smaller, more refined, selection and I like that. There isn't as much choice as you may get from chained retailers, but the options available are plentiful and will keep you looking for quite some time. Quality over quantity.

Cheers guys,

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  1. Really nice watch, looks good quality too. I know I've had a Fossil wallet that I've loved and used daily for years and it's still wearing in nicely.

    Sam, SPRKSAM