Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Today, I bring you CWST (still unsure as to whether this is pronounced "coast", "C.W.S.T.", "kwist" or even "koost"... but I am going with "coast"), a Californian menswear brand that screams of easy-going,  relaxed style. I'll be honest here, from what I know of Californian brands - honestly, not a hugely extensive amount - and California itself - mainly informed by that advert with Former Governor/Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger - the overall aim of Cali-folk is to be as cool as possible whilst maintaining an air of nonchalance. Well, CWST could put you a step ahead of the game here...

"CWST is a spirited collection of effortless Left Coast cool" - CWST

CWST is cool. CWST is nonchalant. They have a guy who manages to gaze beyond the brim of his hat, through a window, into the sky. This man leans on the roof of a car that I can only own in my dreams, and he stands on top of the world - somehow getting there barefoot - all whilst looking damn stylish. These brand images should all seem try-hard, overdone and even clich├ęd... but CWST actually pulls it all off. They even state that they are "effortless Left Coast cool", which should automatically negate the any coolness... but it doesn't!

To give a little more background, all garments from CWST are made in California and boast of the highest quality. This brand really seems to know what it is doing. Nothing is overcomplicated or bright, it's simple yet different. It's effortless and stylish... You just can't argue with that.

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