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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Glasses are an incredibly strong aspect of style. If you happen to be visually impaired, marginally or otherwise, then choosing the right pair of glasses is of the utmost importance. They can make the difference between being Dame Edna or Johnny Depp; Harry Potter or Ryan Gosling. Seriously, this stuff matters to us of the four-eyed persuasion. So let me introduce you to the company that I'll definitely be going to for my next set of specs.

Banton Frameworks is the new player in the frame game. Hailing from Glasgow, all of their frames will be made in the UK for you after you have chosen exactly how you want them to look. No more staring at a rack of 'designer' glasses... now you can create your own. There are seven classic frame styles available in six different material choices. Moving on to three temple finishes and finally two leather earpiece colours. This equates to over 250 combinations.

Take a look at a few of them...

Banton Frameworks is going to be beginning their Kickstarter campaign on the 10th of March (not long!) but until then, you can keep up with their Twitter account. The blog will definitely be revisiting these guys in the future.

Cheers guys,

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