Values by Genís Carreras

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Quite recently I brought you the Philographics project from Genís Carreras, essentially tying the knot between almost every 'ism' word you have ever heard of, and graphic design. Depicting these convoluted phrases that are used to describe innate and simple theories or thought processes, all in a simple manner made a ridiculous amount of sense. Well, Genís is at it again and currently running a Kickstarter (that is already funded!) to push forward with his new project, Values: 58 Ideas We Live By.

Yet again, Genís has simplified an ample selection of values - that we really do all live by - into designs that are visually appealing and self explanatory. Take a look at the Kickstarter campaign, it had a goal of £10,000 and has surpassed with 15 days left... It must be good!

This doesn't have the drawback of typical campaigns. My issue with Kickstarter is that it usually involves an investment of money that I simply do not have spare (the best ones anyway), and a production/delivery date that makes the gain all too far away (yes, I am impatient). On the other hand, you can get the Values Deck, with 70 originally designed mini-prints all for a £15 investment, with it being delivered in April. I can deal with a month or so. Especially for this beautiful set...

If you are a fan of graphic design - and life? - I can say safely that you will not regret the investment. I'm more than happy to put £15 toward this campaign and look forward to my pack coming through!

Cheers guys,

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