Saturday, 14 February 2015

Meet designer Silas Adler (left) and CEO Jacob Kampp Berliner (right), the owners of Soulland (est. 2002). This is a brand that I truly love, not solely down to the design of their clothes but because their backbone is based around culture that fascinates them and bringing more to the table than necessary.

The Soulland website is not simply there to sell their clothes, it has been created to provide a hub for original content, including interviews with the likes of Rune Glifberg, Andrew Richardson and many more. Not because these people wear their clothes, but because they are doing amazing and unique things. The idea of using their website for this, rather than only commerce, is brilliant - I believe it adds more value to those interested, as opposed to the typical "cheers for your money. Bye".

To give you an idea of their style, the Autumn/Winter 14 collection takes inspiration from the likes of Stanley Kubick (film director) and Herman Poto─Źnik (rocket scientist), delving into the theme of space. Their Pre-Spring collection seemed to take clothing names from The Simpsons characters, and the Autumn/Winter 15 collection has the title of 'Exotic/Erotic'... If that's not enough to sway you to give them a look then I don't know what is!

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