Sony 2015 Preview

Friday, 6 February 2015

There have been many times throughout the time running O&U when I have been excited about emails I have received. From being asked if I wanted to go and drive a Ferrari to working with the likes of Davidoff and T.M.Lewin... I've had my fair share of dreams come true. Nothing - and I really mean nothing - can compare to the moment when my phone flashed up with "Hello from Sony"...

I remember my first Walkman and the grey beauty that was my brother's old Playstation. Hell, I still have Crash Bandicoot, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and Spyro the Dragon collecting dust in my old room. I may own mainly Apple technology these days, along with my camera being an Olympus, but Sony is the technological giant that I have always known and religiously loved. It was an honour to end up in their headquarters to see what they have to offer in 2015.

Firstly, Jacob (a new addition to the O&U team) and I were more excited than we would be proud to admit when we saw the spread that was put out for us. After a warm welcome from both Sony and Tribal Media, this was the perfect way to start the event. It was lush.

Enjoy that, Jacob?

After the food and a quick bit of socialising, it was time to see some technology. We were incredibly fond of this technology, so I shall share with you what I can. Sony have some amazing products coming out throughout 2015 and everything is in the details. From televisions thinner than my phone (as thin as 6 credit cards to be exact) to stunning cameras that could dominate the continuous-AF world and everything in-between, Sony have you covered.

The photographs taken from those cameras, along with the images shown on the TVs and the sound exuded from those headphones all screamed of some of the highest quality I have ever known. I was enthralled by the Hi-Res audio especially, bar seeing music live, I have never heard it sound so good (hence the facial expression above). Definitely keep an eye on Sony!

Cheers guys,

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