Real Men of LFW

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Twice a year, fashion-folk gather in their masses to celebrate a new season and new designs during London Fashion Week (we all know this). Alongside the catwalks, presentations and parties, there is the street style element of the week. A strange world opens up to those who dare; they raid closets, brands and costumiers to bring together outfits to grab attention, turn lenses and of course, boost exposure.

This isn't a rant from me, I quite enjoy the atmosphere and working at Fashion Week is an experience I'd recommend to everyone. What it comes down to is the fact that there are eccentrics and extremes in all industries, they make said industry what it is. But when I go to Fashion Week, I don't like looking at those dressed in weird and wacky clothing - go ahead, wear your bright pink Garfield trousers, top hats and whatever you want. I want to see those who are stylish and probably dress that way every day. Real style, not one-off outfits. 

Whilst braving the treacherous land of Somerset House, I witnessed an impressive high heeled cobble-topple, and many an unnoticed stylish man (usually photographers). From there, I decided to snap shots (candid, as always) of those voguish men...

Did you go to LFW? Did you see any outfits you loved?

Cheers guys,

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  1. I really especially liked the first and the last pics. It;s something I would choose to wear. Funky and colourful.