London | Black & White Photography

Saturday, 7 February 2015

It was safe to say that I wasted some money on Wednesday. A last minute decision was made to go along to Jacket Required, a menswear trade show held at the Old Truman Brewery. I constantly miss the thing, whether due to work or other plans, I can never catch a break. When I realised I had the day off, I was completely free and I could venture into London to look at all of the wonderful brands... well it's safe to say that I jumped at the chance. Completely forgetting about the minor detail of registering online and being accepted so I could actually get in. Smooth, Nixon.

Sadly, due to the lack of the appropriate level of manager available to authorise me on the spot, I was unable to enter whatsoever. I was left with two options: either wallow in self-pity and make my way home, or make use of the time in London and do something else. I opted for the latter. The next hour was spent talking to the guys at the YotaPhone 2 store (it is a phone with two fronts... it sounds pointless but it makes sense). As I wondered back to Waterloo station after that, I decided to crack out the camera.

I decided to take all of my photos in monochrome for the day. This may be put down to some ingrained subconscious melancholy due to wasting a day and the cost of my ticket... but consciously it was thanks to the grotty weather. Black and white always seems to make things seem better, so instead of editing images to be monochrome after taking them, I thought I'd just go straight in with my settings on it. 

People were the predominant subject throughout. Candid shots always hold the most appeal to me, although I did feel slightly predatory when taking some of them*. Taking photos of other people reminds me that everyone is going through an entire life of their own; a life of equal or more complexity than mine. I believe it's important to be reminded of that occasionally, simply to avoid any form of self-absorption.

Cheers guys,

*if you happen to be photographed above and would like the image taken down, simply let me know and I will do so immediately.


  1. Loving these man, some really sweet shots here!

    1. Cheers! Glad I'm not the only one that likes them haha.