Flight 001

Sunday, 8 February 2015

With plans developing for both future travelling and other ventures, I am becoming more and more obsessed with luggage. The design in particular is the focal point for me; combining fashion with function is always appealing. Bearing that in mind, allow me to introduce you to Flight 001 (pronounced "Flight One", apparently).

This is a brand dedicated to the traveller, especially those that wish to save space. Well, what traveller doesn't want to save space? Flight 001 uses their Spacepak system which essentially maximises and utilises as much space as possible with their compression bags. This has led to them winning awards - no idea what awards... but awards nonetheless - and the hearts of many people, including yours truly. 

So there's the function, now for the fashion. These stylish wee-beasties come in an array of striking colours - and a grey for the dullards out there - to really liven up your travels. Hopefully they won't be the most exciting thing about your journey, but they are damn cool. I'm a fan of the infographic-esque images in the corner to show what each bag is best used for. Oh, and their store in New York is design like the inside of an aeroplane... That's epic.

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