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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Consider this as less of a plea for a donation and more of a brilliant and well thought through collaboration for an important cause. Stella Artois has teamed up with to help bring women clean and safe access to water, saving them from the arduous journey undergone each day to collect water from miles away. To give you an idea of how dire the situation actually is, 750 million people currently live without the luxury of easy access to clean water. 

Stella Artois have already donated $1.2 million USD to the cause and has now created three limited edition chalices. Each of these is designed based on an item from one of three countries; India, Ethiopia and Honduras, and cost £4.50. This money then goes to to provide one person with clean water for five years. That's right... FIVE years. Plus, you can enjoy a lovely chilled Stella (whether it be "cidre" or beer) in a beautifully decorated chalice.

Meet the chalices...

Honduras Chalice (Left) - Inspired by a handmade Lencan vase from Honduras.

Ethiopia Chalice (Centre) - Inspired by a hand woven basket from Ethiopia.

India Chalice (Right) - Inspired by a traditional silk printed scarf from India.

Gary White, co-founder of said, “We’re honoured to be joining forces with this premier global brand that has stepped up to support and help us raise awareness of the water crisis,”

“Awareness is as important as fundraising,” said co-founder Matt Damon. “We want people to understand the issue in all its complexity.”

Buy a Lady a Drink is a a phenomenal cause that I am honoured to help raise awareness of (and I'm a real fan of the title... it's genius). I may not be able to donate anything close to $1.2 million USD, but I hope to do my part to help.

Buy your favourite chalice here,, and be a part of something life changing. I'm looking forward to getting mine through the post* (definitely going for the Ethiopia Chalice).

Cheers guys,

*Yes, I have been offered a chalice of my choice for free, but I will be donating at least £4.50 to As much as I love the perks of being a blogger, being gifted something from a charity is not how I want O&U to be.

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